Myers, Fletcher & Gordon

Myers, Fletcher and Gordon (MFG) is one of the largest law firms in Jamaica and the Caribbean Single Market. With a legacy spanning over seven decades, MFG is known for providing progressive legal support. The firm’s primary focus is on delivering high-quality services that cater to the needs of diverse global corporations, local entities and individuals.

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The Challenge

Years after 1GS initially developed and launched their website, Myers, Fletcher and Gordon was ready to update their website design and restructure their site to be more user-focused. They wanted to highlight practice areas, their articles, attorneys and curated landing pages specifically generated for prospective clients’ needs.


For Myers, Fletcher, and Gordon, we implemented a data-driven approach, leveraging their Google Analytics to determine the content that would most effectively resonate with users. Our aim was to enhance the visibility of attorney information and clearly communicate important details, including their areas of specialization, case history, and notable achievements. Through this strategic approach, we sought to prioritize and emphasize key aspects that would enhance the brand’s overall presence and reputation.

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