Brand Identity & Design

We are brand specialists

In a digitally-powered world, customers expect your offline presence to carry through online. We’re versed in helping brands communicate, connect, and convert across the digital landscape with your core brand strategy in mind. Consistently reflect & reinforce your brand’s voice & messaging to build & maintain strong brand integrity.

We’re great at


Brand experiences that build loyalty


Telling compelling brand stories


Developing memorable design

Here’s how we do it.

Brand Playbook

Achieve clarity in communication with brand guidelines that set the standard for your brand’s voice and visual identity. The Brand Playbook is our solution to foster meaningful relationships with your brand stakeholders. Get your team on board with your brand’s mission, and deliver a consistent brand experience that strengthens customer loyalty. It guides your decision making both internally & externally, leading to actionable strategies.

Brand Style Guide

Maximize the impact of your business with a brand style guide. The brand style guide defines the aesthetic parameters of your brand – how to use your logo, what’s the colour palette, and what’s your core brand message. Showcase your brand with confidence and communicate to make meaningful connections. Ensure brand consistency everywhere.

A brand style guide includes:

  • Logo Variations, Uses & Spacing
  • Brand Colors for Print & Web
  • Fonts
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Imagery & Icons
  • Brand Collateral

Custom Logo Design

A strong logo captures your brand identity succinctly. It communicates your brand’s mission, core values & messaging. If you don’t have a comprehensive brand identity we can work with you to create one. A strong brand identity starts with strong logo design.

Brand Collateral & Print Design

Your brand identity is just the beginning. Bring your brand to life with business cards, signage & flyers that leave a lasting impression. We work with our clients throughout the entire process from design to print.

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