Jamaica Broilers Group

The Jamaica Broilers Group is a vertically integrated poultry business which spans the full gamut of poultry rearing as a means for food production. With a commitment to building a sustainable agricultural future across the region, JBG is motivated to serve their community and impact lives through their work.

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The Challenge

After almost a decade since we first developed their website, Jamaica Broilers Group chose to reengage with 1GS as they recognized the need for an update. JBG expressed that they wanted to improve ease of navigation and allow the newest generation of users to more efficiently access information that matters to them. They wanted to highlight their people, social responsibility and news items as well as update the general content to better reflect the JBG brand as it was today.


During the redesign of the Jamaica Broilers Group website, our primary focus was to accurately represent the brand while infusing it with modern design elements. With meticulous attention to detail, we leveraged data from their Google Analytics to assess user behavior and preferences. This allowed us to strategically consolidate relevant information on specific pages, ensuring that the links provided would resonate best with the target audience of each respective page. ensuring a balance between honoring the brand’s history and incorporating contemporary elements. Recognizing the importance of communicating the brand’s traditions and values, we carefully curated the visual identity to create an interface that embodies the approachable and welcoming nature of the brand. We aimed for a website that exudes a light and warm aesthetic while maintaining a professional tone.

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