Hi-Pro Ace Supercentre

Hi-Pro Ace Supercentre serves both farmers and retail customers with high-quality products. From farmers to home gardeners, they are the one-stop for all things farming, home and hardware.

  • Content Strategy
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Design

The Challenge

Hi-Pro Ace Supercentre strategically optimised transitioning to an e-commerce platform at a time when E-commerce was relatively becoming more popular in the Jamaican business space. Our team was tasked to effectively develop a responsive and fully functional site that housed inventory and facilitated a seamless shopping experience for their customers.


We met with the Hi-Pro Ace Supercentre team and discussed their goals and the outcomes envisioned for their site. We then entered the design phase of the project, where we collated the designs that best represented their brand. We incorporated a custom Shopify website that is easy to use, mobile-friendly and beautifully designed, which allowed their customers not only to browse their products but also complete purchases at their own convenience.

Key Results

We successfully developed a beautifully designed e-commerce website that allows Hi-Pro customers to purchase products online and have items delivered to their doorsteps. Hi-Pro has since strengthened their visibility online which further grew their customer base and provided additional revenue for the company. 

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