Laurian Evelyn

Chief Experience Officer

As Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Laurian is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the overall client experience strategy. This involves overseeing all touchpoints between clients and the Company, including mapping out client service solutions, customer service, marketing, and brand integrity. Her exceptional organizational skills, eye for detail and passion for service have greatly benefited 1GS, contributing to the Company’s fast-paced growth and high levels of client satisfaction. Most of this experience garnered and honed over the 5 years of co-owning and running a virtual assistance service agency. She works tirelessly to ensure our clients have a positive and seamless experience with the Company, from the initial point of contact to ongoing engagement and support. The ultimate objective is to foster collaboration among all departments towards aligning client experience initiatives with business goals and objectives. Laurian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry from Mount Holyoke College.

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