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Laurian Evelyn

As Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Laurian is responsible for designing, implementing, and managing the overall client experience strategy. This involves overseeing all touchpoints between clients and the Company,…
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Robynn Lee

Meet Multi-Talented, a.k.a Robynn. With almost a decade in the marketing world, she has sharpened her skills to become an Elite Strategist that our clients and we have…
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Jaida Browne

Jaida Browne is one of our Client Success Managers and our resident pop culture expert, with a BSc. Integrated Marketing Communications from Ithaca College, NY. She was even…
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Rochelle Rahim

It’s always “figure-outable” when it comes to Rochelle, with a calm demeanour and a cup of coffee she is always ready to face the world of digital. Rochelle’s…
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