Great To Know

Episode 4

M&A Strategies for Growing Your Business, Marc Gayle

In this episode, Djuvane is joined by Marc Gayle as they reminisce about past collaborations and share stories from their entrepreneurial journeys. From software development and consulting to even the acquisition of HVSEO, the pair candidly discuss the joys and challenges of entrepreneurship.
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Episode 3

Pursuing your Creative Passion with a 9-5

Hear Nat's journey from 1GS to Adobe. This highlights her ability to excel as an employee while pursuing her creative passion.
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Episode 2

Lessons Learnt…10 Years Later

In this episode, we embark on a captivating journey through the 10-year history of 1GS, exploring how the company's core values have not only shaped its culture but also driven its remarkable growth and success.
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Episode 1

Learning and Growing … 10 years GREAT

Our first episode is centred around the origin of One Great Studio and how it came to be. Celebrating 10 years GREAT and what our co-founders have learned along the way.
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